Your Computer Purchase is Not the Cost of Computing

Updated: Aug 23

Take a Look at the Quote from Your IT Person Carefully - Not at the Price but the Configuration

There is Great Wisdom Here

Things you probably haven’t ever stopped to think about when it’s time to purchase hardware (or any other IT product):

1. How much will this device (IT Product) cost me over its lifetime

2. Will it do everything (or even one thing the manufacturer claims it will do) Microsoft | Intel | Dell | IBM | Apple | Google | HP are great and fantastic American companies and Samsung | Fujitsu | Panasonic | Sony | Foxconn | Lenovo | LG are great foreign companies that we love and love their products and we run out and buy them by the truckloads.

But as I am sure you know, not all devices are created equal. The different models, configurations and software/hardware combinations are endless. You combine this with the internet and you have eith:

-Endless possible tech fun and joy

-Endless rings of technology hell

It all depends on the day, the patch level, the driver and the bios combination.

Your IT guy/gal deal with these possibilities on a regular basis and usually know what is best for you and your company.

No one nor device is perfect, and any combination can fail on any given day. But when you don’t do this day in and day out there is no amount of YouTube videos in the universe that can rescue you from poor technology purchases.

When you run out and buy something and expect your IT department (either physical or virtual) to support it you might want to consider a few things.

The classic case of saving a dollar $1.00 only to spend $10,000.00 in service calls and lost labor over the lifetime of a single cheap purchase is a very real reality.

I imagine that your computer guy/gal is more than happy to let you do this because they are just there to help, and in fact, they might have tried to convince you to do something else and even quoted it before your purchase am I right?

The thinking of being smart shopper is a great thing, only it doesn't apply to computer and IT purchases. You will get burned every time and you won't even realize it in most cases and you will keep doing it.

When you spend your dollars with Sola Business, and It will cost more so don't balk, ask it why it costs more - it's to your advantage. Here are some thoughts:

1. We are upfront about our pricing and know our worth and value and we try and give our clients “full service” in every and all areas. We even list out the "surcharge" if you decide to use a credit card rather than cut us a check (which is our preferred method).

2. We take care of everything when you purchase from us, you spend your dollars here and we do the rest. I personally believe in service, I see myself as a servant and I am happy to serve others. So this is a philosophical system which is at the core of SOLA.

Here at Sola Business we provide our clients with hassle free purchasing. This includes a range of services such as:

-Taking full responsibility for the hardware & software purchase

-Immediately place and record product to inventory

-Keep track of all purchase dates, warranties and asset management

-Take care of any problems or incompatibilities that can sometimes arise from physical product purchases.

-Track and handle all returns, exchanges and warranty claims so you don’t have to.

When you spend your money with us, you don't have to do anything other than sign the check - we will always do the rest.

From our quoting system:


It is a blessing and a privledge to offer this quotation for your consideration. Here at Sola Business Solutions, we offer you hassle free purchasing and when you spend your hard earned dollars with us, we will provide a range of services such as:

1. We track and handle all returns, exchanges and warranty claims from manufacturer or distributor.

2. Take full responsibility for all the hardware & software purchase and to immediately place and record it to inventory

3. Keep track of all purchase dates, warranties and asset management

4. Take care of any problems or incompatibilities that can sometimes arise from physical product purchases


Thank you for the opportunity to build this quote for you. In this day and age of Amazon, we also understand that you may want to purchase items yourself, and if that is the case, we have provided a solid description for you to copy and paste in the Amazon website.

Please read & consider this article first before doing so:"

As always this is done in the spirit of love, peace and respect Jeff

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