The Sky is Falling - Again!

Security! Security! Security!

It seems to be the big buzz word this month. Way too many security breaches to list here and way too many overtime hours...

I just thought I was going to have a quiet weekend and some Sun and maybe some pool time...

Cue creepy music...

Then... Cisco, you know, the guys who make the stuff the INTERNET and YOUR NETWORK is made of,

Yea, those guys announce basically that their hardware AND software framework has several breachable areas so wide,

so wide you can drive a MAC truck down the middle of em.

Not wanting to just pick on Cisco (because everyone is a victim in some way in this day and age) but where does it end?

Every new threat vector requires a new solution. One that you must keep adding new tools, new methodologies, more people, and way more money at it and all this to protect users, devices, apps, and networks.

Well, now it is the time, time to send out another email blast warning clients that all the expensive hardware, software and services we purchased through places like Dell, HP, Tech Data, Ingram Micro, CDW, etc...all or at least most of them turned out to be for nothing.

Now, if data breach headlines don’t surprise you anymore it probably means you have been paying attention and nothing surprises you any more..

Seems the breaches are getting bigger and costing more, in fact, there are so many and they are so large that no one likes to talk about them..

uh... remember - EQUIFAX?

After that one, all others seem small in scope.

Think about it...

Can there be anything scarier than a hacker having access to all the data stored with Equifax?


They’ve got your SSN, your address, your driver’s license, and all your credit card numbers.

They know where you’ve worked for your entire professional life, where you went to college, your bank balance, family, friends and all their information also.

They know more about you than anyone ever will and that was dumped to the Dark Web 18 montha ago or so..

I guess as the 80's band Whitesnake would put it - Here we go again...

The Sky is Falling - Again!

At least we know it is this time...

It's 10 o'clock, do you know where your data is?

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